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Fat Tire Electric Tadpole Trike – SOLD

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all; here comes yet another line-blurring genre of e-bikes. As far as we know its currently the only one of its kind available, especially since we just finished building it ourselves!

Fat Tad Electric Trike 2

We’ve taken the brand new Fat Tad trike by Sun Seeker and added a hefty helping of electric oomph to make an incredibly fun-to-ride, go-anywhere rig. This bad boy sports a 500 watt direct drive motor, a 48V 15AH lithium ion battery, 25 amp Infineon controller, manual thumb throttle, and to make sense of it all, a fully programmable Cycle Analyst computer. The powerful drive train is paired with 3×6 speed SRAM X4 deraillers, dual front Promax disc brakes, full suspension, 20″x4″ knobby tires, and a beefy rear utility rack.

Fat Tad Electric Trike 1  

Fat Tad Electric Trike 4

If you’ve ever ridden a tadpole trike you know how unforgiving the ride can be. The full front and rear suspension on this version is a complete game changer. Now you can have the sporty performance of a tadpole with the comfort of a suspended bike. The motor is wound for maximum torque. Laced into this small 20″ rim, its a very strong puller with no shuddering and virtually silent operation. The 48 volts delivered at 25 amps assures that you still maintain a healthy 22+mph top speed. The 15AH capacity promises the possibility of 50 miles per charge.

Fat Tad Electric Trike 3

This bike is a lot of fun to ride. You can point it just about anywhere and it’ll get you through to the other side. Whether your adventures take you to the beach, the forest, the snow, or simply bombing around town, the Fat Tad Electric Trike could be the bike for you. Priced at $3699, we don’t expect it to be around for very long. Our current plans are to only build two of these limited edition rigs, so don’t wait too long to come check it out!

New Prodecotech Models Have Arrived!

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Prodecotech has really stepped up their game with the addition of these new models to their product line. Better overall designs, bigger motors, bigger batteries, and hydraulic disc brakes place these two bikes – the Phantom XR and the Genesis R  – amongst bikes in the $3k range. However, they’ve managed to keep the price substantially lower than that with their business model of importing parts rather than complete bikes thereby saving a bundle on import taxes. They employ US workers in their Ft. Lauderdale facility and still deliver a lower-priced product.

Prodecotech Phantom XR electric bike 1

Prodecotech Genesis R electric bike 2

These bikes sport 600 watt geared motors for better hill climbing capabilities and 36V 14.25AH down tube mounted batteries for greater range and a well balanced feel to the bike itself. Avid hydraulic disc brakes are the perfect compliment to the greater power output of the bikes. With the battery mounted where it should be, the rear end is free to accept racks, baskets, and panniers, allowing either bike to do serious gear hauling, grocery shopping duty. At last Prodecotech is offering designs that can serve as bonafide car replacement solutions as well as simply fun-to-ride bikes. 

Prodecotech Phantom XR electric bike 4  Prodecotech Genesis R electric bike 4

These bikes are a real joy to experience. The feel is strong, crisp, and sporty. The only notable omission is a pedal assist feature; they’re manual throttle only. For many that’s not an issue at all. When you review the component package for these bikes, their price value becomes self-evident.  We expect to see these rolling out the door at a brisk pace. At only $2299 its easy to see why. Come see for yourself.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Rule!

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If you haven’t seen the latest trend in off-road bikes you’re in for a treat. The newer ultra fat tire bikes are opening up new opportunities for riding. The increased traction and flotation characteristics of the 3-5″ wide tires take snow and packed sand in stride. Add in the electric assist component and now you’ve got a lunar rover-esque package that delivers an out-of-this-world fun factor. Seriously, you need to check these out.

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system 1

Our version is the Origin8 Crawler with a Bafang mid drive electric system added for that extra punch that elevates this rig from “good” to “awesome”. Its a 750 watt motor, 48 volt lithium battery setup that pairs nicely with the NuVinci variable geared rear hub that comes stock on the Crawler. The power is delivered either via manual thumb throttle or multiple levels of pedal assist. Since its intended for off-road riding the bike is able to exceed the federal on-road 20 mph speed limit with an exciting 26 mph top end. Stronger riders can push it even further if they so desire. Besides the faster speed the beefy drive system delivers incredible power to get you up, over, and through just about any conditions you can find on the planet. This thing is a beast!

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-motor    Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-NuVinci rear hub

Avid BB7 disc brakes keep things under control and a clean, easy-to-read display monitors all the electrical as well as speed and distance details. The bike is a solid entry in the fat tire field and the electric assist system from Bafang is a treat to behold. We think its a winning combination that’s value priced at $3499. We’re also excited to see somebody get out and start enjoying it as soon as possible so we’re taking an additional $300 off that price. If you’ve been wondering what the new fat tire bike buzz is all about, now’s the time to come see for yourself. I promise you’ll be amazed!

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-display

Stretch Cargo Bike from Pedego is a Winner!

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Pedego has scored a solid home run their first time at bat in the cargo bike game. The Stretch deserves a place at the front of the line with the other major players. Its a strong pulling, well thought out workhorse of a bike that promises to satisfy those riders looking for a bike that can do-it-all.

Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike black 1

The Stretch sports a 500 watt geared motor, 48V 13AH lithium battery, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Shimano 7-speeds, and both pedal assist and manual throttle options. An innovative re-configurable rear rack system adjusts to a wide variety of hauling scenarios, whether it be additional riders or various shapes and sizes of gear. Really big boxes? No problem. Guitar or cello case? No problem. Two or three small kids? Load ’em up!

Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike - olive green 2

We love the flowing lines of the frame and the available power. With two large adults on board the Stretch pulls along without skipping a beat. Its 400 lb. weight rating is truly remarkable. This is one new entry into the expanding electric bike world that deserves a much closer look. Our lead mechanic snapped up the first one off the truck – that speaks volumes in itself. We think its a winner in all respects and hope to see many of them plying the streets of Ashland very soon.



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