A2B Metro – Urban Elegance & Performance

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This bike is a very exciting addition to the shop. Ultra Motors out of England offer innovative designs and great performing bicycles. I chose the Metro to be the new flagship of the on-road, in-town bicycle options here at Ashland Electric Bikes. It sports a beautifully designed and well-built aluminum frame that’s unlike any other bike. The rear hub motor is a powerful and incredibly quiet work of art in itself. The rest of the components and features combine to create a hybrid between an electric bike and an electric scooter.

They make no excuses for its weight – 72 lbs. – this is one solid ride. And smooth. Did I mention smooth? Full suspension coupled with 3″ wide(!) tires assures a delightful ride over bumps and curbs. Disc brakes front and rear feel very safe and secure. Fenders and front/rear lights make it an all-weather contender. A2B specific cargo carrying options are available; aftermarket solutions can be managed with minimal effort as well. The fit and finish on these bikes is akin to what I’m used to seeing in the motorcycle industry. However, don’t let that scare you off of its easy riding ability. 7-speeds via a grip shifter, a simple twist throttle, a solid center kickstand, a uniquely shaped and comfortable seat, and an included rear view mirror promise an enjoyable experience for riders of almost every size and shape.

For the folks who live at the upper reaches of Ashland and similar locations, this is the bike for you. If distinctiveness and high quality execution of design appeals to you, this is for you. If a blend of sportiness and comfort are what you’re looking for, this is for you. If I were to equate the bikes to their equivalent cars, this would be the Lexus luxury sport offering. Is it worth the $3100 price tag? You bet! Come see for yourself.


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