Biruni Electric Cargo Bikes Have Arrived!

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More bikes, less cars. That’s the holy grail here at Ashland Electric Bikes. The more a bike can handle the various needs of riders, the more this end can be met. The new Biruni Electric Cargo Bike serves that purpose very well. Hauling goods and small passengers is a daily requirement for many folks, and this bike does both. It’s very ultilitarian and at the same time presents a high level of style. Its a sweet blend of form, function, and plain old ‘cool factor’!


The Biruni sports a 500 watt direct drive motor, a 36V 12AH Samsung battery, and both pedal assist and manual throttle control. 8-speeds, disc brakes, and integrated racks front and rear round out the great features of this bike. A dedicated rear passenger package is in the works and hopefully will be available soon. The bike is easy and fun to ride and we get approving comments every time we take one out for a spin.

biruni-electric-motor The Biruni Electric Cargo Bike is relatively new on the ebike scene and we’re confident that it will quickly become a top seller here at the shop. Its a lot of bike for only $2499. In fact, we’ve already sold 2 of the 3 bikes from our initial order. So, come see what the buzz is all about.

Biriuni electric bike blue 1


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