Wind Runner Returns for 2013!

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What can I say? I love this bike! For those of you who have followed the electric bike movement for awhile you may notice something familiar about the Wind Runner. The basic bike frame is, in fact, the old Tidalforce S-750 from the early 2000’s. At the time it was considered by many to be the state of the art in ebikes. Things changed and the company closed up shop around 2004-5. My source snagged all the remaining new bicycles minus their drive systems and sold them to serious ebike D.I.Y.ers including myself via the internet for years. The various iterations of the Wind Runner through the past four years have been my reinterpretations of this classic piece of ebike history. In early 2012 I bought the remaining inventory of these new-in-the-box bikes in the country. It wasn’t until last summer that we finally ‘cracked the code’ on our ultimate vision of what the Wind Runner could be. The current offerings are all variations of that long-held idea.

The key component and challenge of the bike has always been the battery. The ideal location, of course, would be in the center triangle of the frame. However, its a fairly tight space and its been no small feat to build a pack within those parameters. We finally hit pay dirt when we found LiPo cells from Tenergy Corp. that, literally, fit the bill. We’ve been able to build both a 36V and a 48V 10AH pack that fit into our custom aluminum and ABS plastic cases. With the battery issue tackled, every other component option is open to choice.

We offer two basic versions of the Wind Runner – the 3600 series and the 4800 series. The nomenclature refers to the battery voltage and each series is equipped with its own compliment of drive systems and components. The 3600 series sports a 350 watt geared motor, 26″ wheels, and Tektro V-brakes.

The 4800 series is equipped with a 500 watt direct drive motor, 24″ wheels, and Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes. Tire styles, fenders, seats, and handlebars vary from bike to bike depending on customer preference. We also offer a tasty Suntour dual crown fork upgrade to bikes destined for serious trail time. I can personally attest to the success of these as hard core, serious single track trail bikes. See my “A Moment’s Reflection” blog for more about that.

Pricing starts at $2499 for the basic 3600 edition and $3299 for the 4800 edition. The Suntour dual crown fork adds an additional $200 to these prices. Tires, fenders, seat, handlebars, and brakes can be modified as well. Pricing varies based on specific upgrades.

I have a few of these already built up in different versions as described and the remaining bikes will be built to spec for the customer. (The above photo is a ‘one-off’ build that includes a White Bros. Groove 200 fork, Cycle Analyst computer system, and monster Schwalbe Big Betty dirt tires. We’ve since added an additional 24V pack to boost this bad boy up to 72 volts of trail taming ecstasy!)

I have less than a handful of framesets left to build out. Once they are gone it will truly be the end of an era. We sincerely believe that the few dozen or so Wind Runners that have and will make their way into the world are destined for some measure of classic status among ebike aficionados. If these photos encourage you to agree, I invite you to come see for yourself what the Wind Runner’s are all about. Grab yourself a piece of Ashland Electric Bike history that you can ride into the future!

Sun Electrolite – the Perfect entry-level Ebike

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Just in! At last, I’ve found a quality ebike priced well below $2K that I can stand behind with confidence. My friends at Sun have introduced the Electrolite electric bike for everyone desiring a solid entry-level ride. It sports a 250 watt geared motor, 36V 10AH lockable and removable lithium battery, and both pedal assist and manual throttle modes. Suntour front suspension, Shimano 8 speeds, and a sturdy alloy center stand add to the value.

This bike has many features that are usually only seen on higher priced models. With each one I assemble I discover new details that impress me even more. Its available in two sizes so even the shortest of riders can be accommodated. All this for the value price of $1599. Its taken me almost five years to find an ebike around this price point that was worth a 2nd glance. The Sun Electrolite is worth a long hard look; its a budget bike that will stand up to the test of time, I’m sure.

At that price there’s no reason to wait any longer – Come Ride The Future – now!

A Moment’s Reflection

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I got the chance to take a couple of Wind Runner trail bikes out this past weekend with a friend for some serious off-road testing. The results; the bikes performed beyond my greatest expectations! They turned long uphill climbs into veritable walks in the woods. Their balance and handling through technical terrain and steep downhills was spot on. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with the end result of what has been over four years of development to bring the Wind Runner to the point its at now.

Wind Runners on van bike carrier

It’s a fine fine feeling to look in the rear view mirror and see my bikes shining in the sun, waiting for their chance to get out and kick up some dirt! With time, grace, and a pinch of good luck all things are possible. Go out and make your wildest dreams a reality!

The Spirit of e-Biking

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Adam Vollmer, the founder of Faraday Bikes down in the Bay area speaks to the issues of transportation, sustainability, and the future of humanity on this planet. Bicycles of all types, including and especially ebikes, will play a greater role in our collective unfolding situations. I applaud Adam’s worldview on these topics. I also think he makes a pretty nifty ebike as well!

The Spirit of e-Biking. Click forward to the video titled: The Faraday Effect.

Special Offer on A2B Metro!

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white Gen 1 A2B MetroHere’s a super deal on a great ebike! I just got in two Generation 1 – A2B Metros that I can offer at a crazy low price…$2499. When the new batch of Generation 2 Metros show up next Spring they’ll be selling for $3499.

The basics of this bike haven’t changed…powerful motor, in-frame lithium battery, full suspension, disc brakes front and rear. This is one of my favorite high-end production bikes. (I want to keep one for myself!)

So, if you can live without a couple of added features and updates but still get the same solid proven quality of a classic ebike, now is the time to make your move. I don’t expect these to be around for very long.


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