Stromer ST 1 Limited Edition is Here!

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This year Stromer decided to celebrate the success of their ebikes by offering a special build showcasing the features of their different models all in one bike. They’re  producing 399 units worldwide with only 130 of them making it to the US. We have one in the shop and its quite the dream machine!

Stromer ST1 LTD. electric bike 1

It starts with the basic ST1 Elite frameset, carbon fork, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano Deore XT 9 speed drivetrain. The motor is upgraded to the 28 mph high speed pedelec version from the Platinum model. Upgraded saddle, Ergon grips, and stem from the ST2 are added. The city kit, which includes rugged alloy fenders with an integrated rear rack, tail light, and Supernova headlamp add more value to the ride. Custom labeled rims add the final flair.

Stromer ST1 LTD. electric bike 2

A nifty metal badge on the top tube identifies this as the limited edition that it is; our current bike is #341 of 399. If you like the power, performance, and build quality of the Stromer ST1 Elite and would like a tricked out version that’s sure to be a collector’s item someday as well as being a unique head turner on a daily basis now, come see the LTD while its here. I don’t expect it to last very long, and it may or may not be the only one of its kind in our region going forward. Only time will tell.

           Stromer ST1 LTD. electric bike 3          Stromer ST1 LTD. electric bike 4

Electric Bikes Are NOT Cheating!

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We hear this protestation from time to time from folks who clearly haven’t taken the time to delve more deeply into the world of ebiking. Yes, electric bikes can make your riding substantially easier than you’ve experienced before, but that doesn’t automatically translate into a “cheating” scenario. Bike riding in general is not a regulated activity with set rules and regulations. Organized bicycle racing – yes – but not the rest of the range of riding opportunities.

bike path 4

The notion of not getting any substantive exercise with an ebike is also an incorrect assumption. Ask any ebike owner/rider and you’ll find out that some measure of exercise is always part of the picture. The following article is from a man in Texas who has taken the time to “do the math” and compare his efforts on both electric and standard bikes. As you’ll see he can get as much, if not more, exercise on his ebike than his regular pedal bike. The choice is always his as it is for every ebike owner. Ebjoy the read; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the conclusions.

Pedego Trail Trackers For Sale – BOTH BIKES SOLD

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In the rush of last season I forgot to add a page for the Pedego Trail Tracker fat tire bikes to the website. We’ve had good success with them and even had an opportunity to test ride a pair at the Oregon Coast in late August. What a ride that was! Yes, fat tire bikes are all they’re cracked up to be, especially with the addition of electric assist. You can maintain power and traction in terrain that a standard mtn. bike could never manage. In fact, that ride was the most fun I’ve had on two wheels since my very first ride on a mtn. bike way back in the early 80s.

Pedego Trail Tracker 1

The Trail Tracker is equipped with a 600 watt geared motor, 48 volt 10 amp hour lithium battery, Avid BB7 disc brakes, five levels of pedal assist as well as a manual throttle, suspension seatpost, front headlight, and 4″ wide traction tires. The two bikes we have on sale include: front luggage rack, basket and cargo net, padded leatherette hand grips, Portland Design Works fenders and custom made rear tail fender, and a tail light.

Pedego Trail Tracker 2   Pedego Trail Tracker 3

The total value of these is accessories is $190, which we are throwing in at no charge to keep the sale price of the complete package at $2999. There are only the two of these Trail Trackers set up in this fashion at this price, so don’t wait too long to call one (or both) of them your own!

Yuba Spicy Curry is Here!

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We’re very excited to get our hands (and feet!) on the highly acclaimed new offering from Yuba…the Spicy Curry. Yuba has collaborated with Currie Tech to create an extremely rugged and powerful cargo bike for the most discerning riders. This is our strongest hill climbing cargo bike – hands down.spicy-curry-side_595

The Spicy Curry sports a 350 watt mid drive motor that delivers a stunning 73Mn of torque to handle the biggest loads and steepest hills. Its 48V 8.7AH battery provides a 25-45 mile range. Shimano 8-speed keeps you pedaling efficiently and rock solid Tektro hydraulic disc brakes keep it all under control. Lights, fenders, lighted handlebar display, and a sturdy side kickstand round out the  package. Numerous accessories are available to enhance your cargo and passenger hauling capabilities.


If your ride takes you to the highest reaches of Ashland or beyond, and you need maximum hauling capacity, its time to check out the new Yuba Spicy Curry. We’ve got it currently sale priced at $4099. Come take a test ride; you’ll be amazed, we’re sure!

2016: So Begins Our 9th Year in Business

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Its a cold, dreary day here in southern Oregon – not a day that engenders much thought about bicycling in the minds of the general populace. Undeterred by the weather, Nicholas my lead mechanic and I both rode into work today on our electric bikes. We’re passionate about what we do and we ‘ride the talk’ almost without fail everyday. Even the snowiest, stormiest days give us the exciting opportunity to test rugged knobby and even steel studded snow tires. Its a lifestyle choice and we love it.


On a regular basis, even now as I begin my ninth year of providing electric bike sales and service to southern Oregon/northern California and beyond, I still get questions about the purpose of electric bikes, why someone would choose an ebike over a regular bike, and, the most lively of questions; isn’t riding an electric bike cheating? Rather than presenting yet another variation of my own answers to these questions, I offer links to articles from both a seasoned serious cyclist and from a study conducted by Portland State University.

new shop west facade

I hope you enjoy the reads, and if they pique your curiosity enough to want to explore ebikes on your own, know that we’re here and happy to help Tues-Sat from 11:00-5:00, rain, snow or shine!


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