Cycling Apparel has Arrived

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We are loving the new bigger shop because it allows us to offer more quality accessories for you and your cycling loved ones. Functional and fashionable apparel is one such category that we’ve been waiting to explore, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve got.

mens short jersey womens short jersey

We found some great values on Funkier jerseys for both men and women as well as an excellent pair of men’s baggy shorts. These are top quality items at closeout prices. Funkier is launching their 2015 lineup so these styles are priced to move.

mens baggy shorts mens microfleece jersey

With the colder weather upon us a warm pair of riding gloves is essential. The Aquilo Fall Gloves from Planet Bike are a good choice for keeping those pinkies warm without sacrificing a solid feel on the controls.

planet bike gloves

Finally, we’re very excited about this latest product from Seattle – RockiNoggins helmet covers. The founder of the company is an emergency room nurse who, after seeing more than her share of serious helmet-less bicycle crash injuries, decided to do something about it. Most people who do NOT wear a helmet when riding make that choice based on the aesthetics, or lack thereof, of standard bicycle helmets.

With RockinNoggins covers you can make much more of a fashion statement, you can keep your head warmer and drier, and most importantly you can feel good about strapping on your helmet. They attach easily to all types of bicycle helmets and can be transferred from one helmet to another when necessary. If these covers facilitate more people wearing a helmet more of the time then we consider them a resounding success.

RockiNoggins helmet covers

So, come see what’s new in the “lookin’ good – feelin’ good” department at Ashland Electric Bikes. You’ll be glad you did.


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