Pedego City Commuters Have Arrived!

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Pedego has emerged as one of the leading U.S. brands of electric bikes and the City Commuter represents one of the reasons why. They have achieved a perfect blend of comfort, performance, and functionality with the Commuter.

black pedego commuter electric bike

Power is delivered via a 400 watt geared motor paired with an easily removable 36V 10AH lithium battery. A larger 36V as well as a 48V upgrade is available for even greater performance. It offers both pedal assist and manual throttle modes. Clean shifting 7 speeds make your pedaling effort easier. Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes operate flawlessly. Creature comforts include padded leather grips, deluxe saddle, and a truly functional suspension seat post. The Commuter includes a quick adjustment handlebar stem that offers tool-less dialing in of the cockpit ergonomics. Full fenders and a complete lighting system round out the features list.

city-commuter-step-through white

The Pedego City Commuter rides like a dream. Its comfortable, power delivery is smooth and strong, and the overall feeling is one of solid quality. This bike is well equipped to handle all daily duties ranging from pleasure riding to serious commuting and moderate hauling needs. The $2499 price makes it very affordable. Come see what the Pedego buzz is all about.

Neo Volt Folding Electric Bike is Here…

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…and it rocks! I’ve explored other folding ebikes and they’ve been disappointing to say the least. Losing power and performance for the sake of portability is a bad deal in my opinion. Luckily, Easy Motion has succeeded where other brands have failed. The Volt comes equipped with the same drive train and battery system as their full size bikes, so its a great performer, and its priced fairly at $2499.00.

Easy Motion Neo Volt Folding Bike

A 350 watt geared motor coupled with a removable 36V 9AH lithium battery pack provides ample power for all terrain. 7 speeds, V-brakes, pedal assist and manual throttle modes, rear rack, fenders, and a dynamo driven light system round out the complete offering. I’ve ridden it enough to say that this is one little engine that CAN! If the smallest package possible is of tantamount importance, rest assured that the Volt delivers that convenience without sacrificing performance along the way.

Easy Motion Neo Volt Folding Bike 2


Easy Motion extends the warranty to five years if you register online, so you can relax with the industry’s best coverage. I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of these little wonders plying the streets of Ashland this coming season. Come see what its all about!

Small Business Owners Take Note

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This article first appeared in the Ashland Locals Guide January 2014 edition

Small Business Owners Take Note

by Jerry Solomon


My comments this month are intended primarily for small businesses whose activities include in-town delivery/pickup of small-to-medium-size items. You know who you are: restaurants, real estate companies, contractors, retail stores, etc. If you have somebody driving around on a regular basis delivering goods or documents or meals, you have a great opportunity to minimize your environmental impact as well as a chance to generate maximum exposure and goodwill.


Imagine an energized employee moving about town with ease, avoiding traffic and parking woes, and promoting yours as an eco-conscious, forward thinking business. An electric cargo bike is a very cost effective means to move your goods, paperwork, etc. from point A to B in human/electric power-assisted style. In most cases the price of the electric cargo bike will be recouped in less than a year when factored against the costs of operating a delivery car, no matter how efficient the car may be.

cargo bike 1


The tasteful addition of signage on the sides of a cargo bike creates a rolling advertising tool that will have everyone’s attention as it plies the streets of town in a low impact, easy-on-the-planet fashion. You may even find employees vying for the chance to ‘make the errand run’ from day-to-day. On an electric bike, taking care of a handful of chores around town becomes a welcome opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air without it becoming an epic, sweaty workout. You’ll find, as most of my customers have, that traveling around Ashland via an electric bike can actually be faster than driving and parking a car.

cargo bike 3


Individuals and companies worldwide have taken advantage of the two-wheeled transporting of goods for quite some time already. Adding electric assist to the mix has been a real game changer making it even more appealing. Never has it been so easy to do so much via a bicycle. We have a myriad of gear hauling options available to complement your cargo bike – extra large baskets, cavernous bags, tow-behind trailers, even insulated pizza boxes! You will be amazed to discover the range of large and unique sized items that can be transported via an electric cargo bike.


So, whether you’re a business owner or a parent with kids and stuff to haul, come check out the eco-friendly electric cargo bike alternatives at Ashland Electric Bikes. Every time anybody chooses a bike instead of a car to make a trip across town, everybody benefits. Its a choice we can all happily and healthfully live with, now and into the future!

In Praise of the Road Diet

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This article first appeared in the December issue of the Ashland Locals Guide

In Praise of the Road Diet

by Jerry Solomon

 I have been listening to the ongoing local debate regarding the N. Main St. “Road Diet” and felt it was time to share my opinion. For starters, I applaud the city for their actions; their decision to support safer bicycling now and, more importantly, into the future, is truly visionary. The transportation landscape is changing all over the planet, and the steps we take now at the civic level will either anticipate and support those changes or stand as impediments to their healthy unfolding.

electric bikes roseburg, or


Two-wheeled transportation is on the rise globally, as well it should be. Dwindling resources, shrinking budgets, and rising pollution levels are driving (pardon the pun) this shift. Asia and Europe are leading the way with the USA following suit, slowly but surely. Many cities and towns including New York, Washington DC, San Fransisco, LA, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Portland are all making great strides to expand their bicycle-friendly infrastructures. Why would we in Ashland NOT want to do the same? We have the fairest, most bike-friendly weather in the state of Oregon yet we rank last in terms of dedicated bike trails and right-of-ways.

electric bikes grants pass, or


Bicycling is far more cost effective on a personal as well as a governmental level. According to the federal Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2012, the average US family of four spends about $10,000 a year on transportation – more than they spend on food. Crazy! Portland is known as one of the most bike friendly cities in the US. The cost of their entire bike infrastructure to-date is roughly equal to the price of one mile of freeway. Did you get that? One single mile. Contemplate that figure the next time you’re sitting alone in your car waiting for a traffic light to change.

electric bikes klamath falls, or


Electric assisted bicycles are profoundly changing the alternative transportation arena. Ebikes are allowing countless more people to choose two-wheeled travel over automobile usage everyday. Only 55% of new ebikers rode their standard bikes weekly or daily before buying their ebike. After the purchase the number of weekly or daily riders rose to 93%. The few customers who had never ridden bikes as an adult (6%) are now also riding weekly or daily. Bicycles are not the end-all solution for everybody in every circumstance, but they are most assuredly a major component of the emerging changes in the way we move about.

 electric bikes yreka, ca

So, thank you City of Ashland, for having the forsight to implement the “Road Diet”, a singular piece of the larger unfolding transportation landscape changes. Now, continue the momentum and find a way for bicycle traffic to safely navigate the downtown area and beyond. The future is coming, and an ever growing percentage of it will arrive on two wheels instead of four. Let’s show the way.

electric bikes mt. shasta, ca

Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bikes – King of the Road!

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There is a method to my madness here at Ashland Electric Bikes, and topping off the list of goals is the following: to source the highest quality, highest value-per-dollar, most functional electric bikes available. I don’t see ebikes as high priced toys for the well-heeled members of society. I view them as a major component of the new emerging alternative transportation landscape that is growing globally everyday. What makes an ebike successful when considered in this model?

Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bike-black 2

First, it must be well built with quality components. Second, it should deliver ample power in order for it to truly stand as an alternate choice to jumping in the car to run whatever errand you have. Third, but just as important as #1 and 2, it must be able to haul your stuff. Lots of stuff! We are a highly mobile society and we have a lot of things that need to be moved from point A to B on a daily basis. Whether its small children or large bags, boxes, equipment, etc., we need to take it with us. The Yuba Mundo is designed precisely with that in mind.

Yuba parade serious hauling capacity

The Mundo has the largest, yet also one of the lightest frames available in the cargo bike world. Their choice of partnering with Bionx for the electric drivetrain means that you get one of the most successful, proven motor/battery systems in the world.

Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bike display console

Yuba Mundo Bionx battery

 Now that Bionx has bumped their system up to 48 volts it is truly a high performance affair. The smoothness of their pedal assist feature is beyond all others that I’ve ridden. The motor power delivery is seamlessly matched to your pedaling effort which translates into an almost ‘invisible’ power assist. Want even more? Press the boost button for a surge of power that is unmistakable. With a claimed 25-50 mile range per charge this bike should handle all your daily needs.

Yuba Mundo w-two kids on backThe basic bike as it comes is a very comprehensive package. It sports disc brakes, 21 speeds, full fenders, a massive center stand, and rear wheelskirts for the back passenger’s safety.

Yuba Mundo Go Getter bags Numerous accessories are available to enhance its passenger and cargo carrying capabilities. A fully equipped Mundo is the ebike equivalent of a family mini-van, to be sure.


Initial testing has shown the Mundo to be a surpisingly well-mannered, easy to ride, comfortable ebike that possesses ample power for our southern Oregon region. We expect you’ll be seeing more and more of these rigs plying the streets of Ashland carrying kids, pets, and gear of all shapes and sizes. Its a can-do bike that fully embodies the idea of clean, quiet transportation…now and into the future.



My husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike. Jerry was very knowledgeable, helping us pick the one that would work best for his needs.... Read More


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