What’s New at A.E.B. for 2012?

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Winter is always R&D time here in southern Oregon. The weather is less-than-ideal for biking (according to some), hence we’ve got time at Ashland Electric Bikes to explore new equipment and ideas. One new product that’s very exciting is the new configuration tube-style batteries.

These batteries are lockable, removable, and their shape allows them to be installed low in the middle of the frame – the very best place for a battery pack. This gives great weight distribution and balance of the overall bike whether it uses a front or rear hub motor. You’ll surely be seeing more of these on our custom builds and conversions here at Ashland Electric Bikes.

My ongoing quest to develop and offer a high powered bike that can handle the demands of  our steep roads here in Ashland continues. There’s a large gap in the lineup right now between the $3k and $8-$10k bikes. This is the niche that I’m striving to fill with my next custom build.

My personal bike serves as the perfect platform for such explorations. Don’t be put off by the Frankenstein-like appearance of it right now. Remember – R&D. The final product will be much cleaner, smoother, and user friendly.

The criteria are:

  • comfort via full suspension and a more upright riding position,
  • lighter weight via lithium battery technology and motor sizing,
  • electronics/motor configuration with steep city street climbing capabilities
  • high quality components to handle the additional stresses such as
  • hydraulic disc brakes, ebike rated tires, rock-solid frame and suspension systems.

So far, my results have been very successful. I’ve mated a motor/controller/battery configuration that’s providing an excellent power-to-weight ratio in a package that’s considerably lighter than other ‘super systems’. We’re currently developing the custom lithium battery packs that will sit at the center (literally) of the system. I’m sourcing a very well-bred mountain bike frame/suspension system that, with the proper array of alternative component features, will make for a lively, powerful, and manageable urban solution. This bike will have the guts to handle some serious trail conditions, but it will have the disposition to reign supreme over city streets with powerful grace and style.

Watch this blog for more details as the project nears completion!

Stealth Bomber Still Available – New Discounted Price!

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OK, its a new year. I’ve got lots of plans for new projects in 2012 and they all start with turning over some of my existing stock to free up floor space as well as capital. Nobody jumped on the Bomber in time for Christmas so I’ve drastically lowered the price as far you’ll ever see it go. $9000 takes it home! Check out my previous October blog entry for more details.

This is as good as it ever gets for one of these dream machines, folks. Are you ready to ride the King of the Hill?

Great Info Video for Stealth Bikes

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I got to meet with the guys from Stealth at the Interbike Show in September to deepen my understanding and appreciation of the Bomber and Fighter bikes.

John is truly passionate about his creations, and based on the response I saw from all the folks who checked out our products, these really are the hottest bikes on the e-bike market today.Time after time bicycle industry folks came back from a test ride exclaiming that they just had the most exciting e-bike experience of their life.

Watch the video for yourself and then call me to make an appointment for your own test ride. I promise you’ll be amazed!

Stealth Bikes at Interbike Show

The Wind Runner Returns!

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For those of you who have been following us here at Ashland Electric Bikes, the Wind Runner was the flagship urban e-bike of the line for the past few years. They were built on a classic bicycle frame that was available in very limited quantities. I thought my source had disappeared, but it turns out that I have access to a few more of these bikes after all! So, once again I can offer this incredible e-bike to a discerning few customers.

These bikes include my best quality 400 watt geared motor and a host of quality components and accessories. These two are available with either a 36 volt or a 48 volt LiFePo4 battery system. These batteries are rated for double the lifespan of all the other production bike batteries I offer in the shop. At 36 volts it matches the power and speed of its closest comparable bike – the Pathfinder ST – with the addition of a much more sport performance oriented platform. At 48 volts it becomes an urban-rocket-ship-on-two-wheels that surpasses all the other on-road bikes in terms of power and speed.

If you’re looking for a nimble, quick responding ride that matches the performance characteristics of a high priced mountain bike but is outfitted to conquer the urban environment instead, this may be the bike for you!


My husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike. Jerry was very knowledgeable, helping us pick the one that would work best for his needs.... Read More


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