August Sale Bikes

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I’ve got lots of new bikes scheduled for delivery in the next few weeks and I’m out of space in the shop. These two big bikes have got to go!

This Sun Biscayne Tandem Electric Bike is a ton of fun for two! It sports a BMC 400 watt geared motor with a 36V 10AH LiFePo4 lithium battery to make things much easier for both riders. This ride is sure to turn heads wherever you roam. Regular price is $2495.00 Its now priced to go at $1995.00. This is a one time offer that’s sure to be had by someone quickly. If you’re that person, come on down and take it for a spin!

This white Rogue Sherpa Adult Trike is waiting to be enlisted into serious gear/grocery/goodies hauling duty. Its driven by an Aotema 750 watt direct drive motor with a 36V 10AH LiFePo4 lithium battery. If you want to move alot of stuff around town easily, this is the bike for you. Regular price is $1895.00. Its now priced to go at $1395.00. Come check it out soon!

Finally a $1500 electric bike that’s built to last!

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I’ve been searching for years for an ebike at this price point that will withstand the test of time. At last they are here! The Fast4ward bikes from Ultra Motors of England manage to deliver a respectable amount of electric assist via a lighter weight, lower priced bike. They cannot climb hills as well as my other bikes, and they have a top speed of only about 16 mph. If your riding keeps you mostly down on the valley floor, around town, and the budget is tight, this bike can serve your needs.

The bikes come equipped with a front suspension fork, lithium ion battery, lights front and rear, and fenders on the Ride. All in all these are very nice bikes for the price. I’m confident in the quality, as they are made by the same folks who build the A2B Metro, my finest in-town ebike. So, if all you have to spend is about $1500, you can finally buy a bike that’ll perform better and last longer than so many other low-priced ebikes that are flooding the US market these days. Come check it out.

A2B Metro – Urban Elegance & Performance

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This bike is a very exciting addition to the shop. Ultra Motors out of England offer innovative designs and great performing bicycles. I chose the Metro to be the new flagship of the on-road, in-town bicycle options here at Ashland Electric Bikes. It sports a beautifully designed and well-built aluminum frame that’s unlike any other bike. The rear hub motor is a powerful and incredibly quiet work of art in itself. The rest of the components and features combine to create a hybrid between an electric bike and an electric scooter.

They make no excuses for its weight – 72 lbs. – this is one solid ride. And smooth. Did I mention smooth? Full suspension coupled with 3″ wide(!) tires assures a delightful ride over bumps and curbs. Disc brakes front and rear feel very safe and secure. Fenders and front/rear lights make it an all-weather contender. A2B specific cargo carrying options are available; aftermarket solutions can be managed with minimal effort as well. The fit and finish on these bikes is akin to what I’m used to seeing in the motorcycle industry. However, don’t let that scare you off of its easy riding ability. 7-speeds via a grip shifter, a simple twist throttle, a solid center kickstand, a uniquely shaped and comfortable seat, and an included rear view mirror promise an enjoyable experience for riders of almost every size and shape.

For the folks who live at the upper reaches of Ashland and similar locations, this is the bike for you. If distinctiveness and high quality execution of design appeals to you, this is for you. If a blend of sportiness and comfort are what you’re looking for, this is for you. If I were to equate the bikes to their equivalent cars, this would be the Lexus luxury sport offering. Is it worth the $3100 price tag? You bet! Come see for yourself.

2011 4th of July parade

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We had another great ride in the parade this year.  Close to twenty bikes were out on the street showing off their stuff. This is always a great way for folks to see the bikes in action as well as a chance for my friends to enjoy their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ and bust some fancy bike moves! See a YouTube video.

Pathfinder Bikes

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I have to say that I’m very impressed with these additions to the line up in the shop this summer. For a few hundred dollars more than the Pedego Cruiser you get a well equipped bike that’s ready for serious commuting duty right ‘out of the box’. At the heart of  both the Pathfinder bikes is the 400 watt geared motor that I’ve had great success with for the past three years. It is lighter and stronger than a comparable direct drive motor and it freewheels when not engaged. These qualities make it a stronger hill climber as well as being more efficient (greater range per charge).  In short, its my motor of choice for Ashland and surrounding areas. The Pathfinder ST is a full size step thru frame bike. It has a 7-speed internal rear hub – no more derailler issues – ever! It sports front suspension and a disc brake, a larger 14 AH battery for greater range, integrated lights front and rear, fenders, rear rack, and a rear wheel lockout feature. It has manual throttle control as well as a very smooth pedal assist mode with both high and low settings for completely automatic, worry free riding. The low central positioning of the battery adds to the stability and balance of both style bikes. Its VERY easy to remove and can be recharged on or off the bike. Electric cut-off  brake levers add another level of safety. The Pathfinder Mini is a smaller, lighter version step thru frame bike. This is the bike for anyone who feels at all intimidated by the size or weight of standard ebikes. 20″ wheels front and rear give this bike an extremely low center of gravity and make it easier to transition from ‘ in the saddle’ to ‘standing’ position. It’s easier to move around and load into your car. The smaller wheels coupled with the same 400 watt geared motor as its larger sibling gives this little bike a BIG appetite for hills. It climbs like a baby goat! Its $300 lower price reflects the following changes:10AH battery, linear pull front brake, solid front fork, 3-speed rear hub, manual throttle only, no rear wheel lock out or speedometer. Either of these bikes is a sensible choice for sustained daily use in our environment. They are well conceived and well constructed. Strong efficient motors coupled with plentiful accessories move these bikes up a notch from fun cruiser to serious commuter…without losing any of the fun factor!

Pathfinder ST – $2195  available in black, white, blue, silver

Pathfinder Mini – $1895  available in black, white (shown without battery installed – oops!)


My husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike. Jerry was very knowledgeable, helping us pick the one that would work best for his needs.... Read More


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