Yuba Spicy Curry is Here!

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We’re very excited to get our hands (and feet!) on the highly acclaimed new offering from Yuba…the Spicy Curry. Yuba has collaborated with Currie Tech to create an extremely rugged and powerful cargo bike for the most discerning riders. This is our strongest hill climbing cargo bike – hands down.spicy-curry-side_595

The Spicy Curry sports a 350 watt mid drive motor that delivers a stunning 73Mn of torque to handle the biggest loads and steepest hills. Its 48V 8.7AH battery provides a 25-45 mile range. Shimano 8-speed keeps you pedaling efficiently and rock solid Tektro hydraulic disc brakes keep it all under control. Lights, fenders, lighted handlebar display, and a sturdy side kickstand round out the  package. Numerous accessories are available to enhance your cargo and passenger hauling capabilities.


If your ride takes you to the highest reaches of Ashland or beyond, and you need maximum hauling capacity, its time to check out the new Yuba Spicy Curry. We’ve got it currently sale priced at $4099. Come take a test ride; you’ll be amazed, we’re sure!

2016: So Begins Our 9th Year in Business

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Its a cold, dreary day here in southern Oregon – not a day that engenders much thought about bicycling in the minds of the general populace. Undeterred by the weather, Nicholas my lead mechanic and I both rode into work today on our electric bikes. We’re passionate about what we do and we ‘ride the talk’ almost without fail everyday. Even the snowiest, stormiest days give us the exciting opportunity to test rugged knobby and even steel studded snow tires. Its a lifestyle choice and we love it.


On a regular basis, even now as I begin my ninth year of providing electric bike sales and service to southern Oregon/northern California and beyond, I still get questions about the purpose of electric bikes, why someone would choose an ebike over a regular bike, and, the most lively of questions; isn’t riding an electric bike cheating? Rather than presenting yet another variation of my own answers to these questions, I offer links to articles from both a seasoned serious cyclist and from a study conducted by Portland State University.

new shop west facade

I hope you enjoy the reads, and if they pique your curiosity enough to want to explore ebikes on your own, know that we’re here and happy to help Tues-Sat from 11:00-5:00, rain, snow or shine!



Stromer Electric Bikes Now Available!

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We’re very excited to have just secured a dealership with Stromer Electric Bikes – the finest that Switzerland has to offer the e-bike industry. One author has described the ST2 as the Rolex of electric bikes. We agree wholeheartedly.

black ST2


We haven’t received any of the bikes just yet; it’ll probably be a few more weeks before they roll in. However, they are available for sale immediately if you decide that its the bike for you and you’re ready to buy. Until then, check out this great review from someone in Austin, TX who lived with an ST2 for a month and gives his feedback:



white ST2 step thru

ST2 step thru


black ST1

ST1 Elitewhite ST1 step thru

ST1 Elite step thru


For more info about these premium bikes, go directly to the Stromer website and discover for yourself what the top of the line in e-bikes looks like:


Easy Motion Bikes on Sale!

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The 2016 models from Easy Motion are beginning to trickle in. Therefore, I’ve dropped the price on all the current bikes to make room. All the Evo models are on sale for $300 off and the Neo Jumper is reduced a full $500 off the regular price! These prices are good only for as long as it takes to move our existing inventory.


Evo Jet – Sale Price $2699  (sold out)



Evo Street – Sale Price $2699  (sold out)



Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite electric bike 2

Evo Eco Lite – Sale Price $2099  (sold out)


Easy Motion 27.5 electric bike 1

Evo 27.5 – Sale Price $2699  (only 1 available)


Easy Motion Neo Jumper 650B electric bike 1

Neo Jumper – Sale Price $3799  (sold out)


These are the best deals you’ll ever see on Easy Motion bikes. If you’ve been considering one of these fabulous bikes, now is the time to make your move!

Used Stealth Fighter For Sale – SOLD

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Here’s a sweet deal for some lucky buyer. We have a older, low mileage (-2k) Fighter with numerous add-ons available. Life circumstances have changed for the owner and he needs to let the bike go. Aside from some superficial surface rust due to a summer at the foggy northern California coast, the bike is in great shape.

Stealth Fighter for sale 1


The 48V 18AH battery delivered 17.5AHs during my test and was still running strong when I ran out of time and had to stop. Suffice it to say that its still as close as can be to total original capacity. The oversize Gatorbrakes are solid, the Schlumpf 2 speed bottom bracket works smoothly, and the suspension systems are in perfect order. The Maxxis Hookworm tires show just how little use this bike has seen.

Add-ons include the following:

Topeak rear rack with side frames and a deluxe top case that opens down into full size panniers.

Topeak heavy duty fender set

Planet Bike Blaze Two watt headlight & Sunlite tailight

Ergon grips

high rise stem and handlebars for a more upright riding position

Heavy duty adapted motorcycle side kickstand

Stealth Fighter for sale 2

Currently the new Fighters are selling for over $8K. This one is available with all the accessories for $4500. Come check it out for yourself. This is one of the hottest, fastest, and strongest ebikes on the market. If you’re looking for max performance on and off the road at a rockin’-good-deal-price, this is definitely the bike for you!

Stealth Fighter for sale 3


My husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike. Jerry was very knowledgeable, helping us pick the one that would work best for his needs.... Read More

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