Fat Tire Electric Bikes Rule!

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If you haven’t seen the latest trend in off-road bikes you’re in for a treat. The newer ultra fat tire bikes are opening up new opportunities for riding. The increased traction and flotation characteristics of the 3-5″ wide tires take snow and packed sand in stride. Add in the electric assist component and now you’ve got a lunar rover-esque package that delivers an out-of-this-world fun factor. Seriously, you need to check these out.

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system 1

Our version is the Origin8 Crawler with a Bafang mid drive electric system added for that extra punch that elevates this rig from “good” to “awesome”. Its a 750 watt motor, 48 volt lithium battery setup that pairs nicely with the NuVinci variable geared rear hub that comes stock on the Crawler. The power is delivered either via manual thumb throttle or multiple levels of pedal assist. Since its intended for off-road riding the bike is able to exceed the federal on-road 20 mph speed limit with an exciting 26 mph top end. Stronger riders can push it even further if they so desire. Besides the faster speed the beefy drive system delivers incredible power to get you up, over, and through just about any conditions you can find on the planet. This thing is a beast!

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-motor    Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-NuVinci rear hub

Avid BB7 disc brakes keep things under control and a clean, easy-to-read display monitors all the electrical as well as speed and distance details. The bike is a solid entry in the fat tire field and the electric assist system from Bafang is a treat to behold. We think its a winning combination that’s value priced at $3499. We’re also excited to see somebody get out and start enjoying it as soon as possible so we’re taking an additional $300 off that price. If you’ve been wondering what the new fat tire bike buzz is all about, now’s the time to come see for yourself. I promise you’ll be amazed!

Origin8 Crawler with Bafang Mid Drive system-display

Stretch Cargo Bike from Pedego is a Winner!

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Pedego has scored a solid home run their first time at bat in the cargo bike game. The Stretch deserves a place at the front of the line with the other major players. Its a strong pulling, well thought out workhorse of a bike that promises to satisfy those riders looking for a bike that can do-it-all.

Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike black 1

The Stretch sports a 500 watt geared motor, 48V 13AH lithium battery, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Shimano 7-speeds, and both pedal assist and manual throttle options. An innovative re-configurable rear rack system adjusts to a wide variety of hauling scenarios, whether it be additional riders or various shapes and sizes of gear. Really big boxes? No problem. Guitar or cello case? No problem. Two or three small kids? Load ’em up!

Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike - olive green 2

We love the flowing lines of the frame and the available power. With two large adults on board the Stretch pulls along without skipping a beat. Its 400 lb. weight rating is truly remarkable. This is one new entry into the expanding electric bike world that deserves a much closer look. Our lead mechanic snapped up the first one off the truck – that speaks volumes in itself. We think its a winner in all respects and hope to see many of them plying the streets of Ashland very soon.


Mt. Shasta Gateway Trail System Offers Stellar Riding

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I met up with a customer in Mt. Shasta for the off-road maiden voyage of his new Easy Motion Neo Jumper 650B. Bill showed me their local treasure, the Gateway Trail which, as its name implies is a gateway to the forest and numerous other trails right at the edge of town. The trailhead parking lot is on the right side, less than a mile out of town, on the Everett Memorial Highway, which is the road up Mt. Shasta herself. With the dangerously dry winter this year, the trail is open far sooner than it would be otherwise.

Mt Shasta Gateway Trail ride 6

Its a classic mountain bike trail with everything you’d expect along the way. Challenging rock gardens test your technical skills. Wide open vistas of the surrounding peaks give way to shaded traverses through thick trees with soft a soft needle base under your wheels. Well formed banked curves keep your speed up on the downhill runs and short steep stretches challenge your climbing prowess.

Mt Shasta Gateway Trail ride 2

My new riding partner Bill, is thrilled at the difference that his electric bike makes in regards to the Gateway Trail specifically and all his riding in general. We reached what has been up ’til now his usual turnaround point in record time with plenty of power (human and electric) to spare. This allowed us to ride further on and explore areas that have been out of his reach until now. The bike performed superbly and its no exaggeration to say that it is revolutionizing his overall cycling experience. Now that we have a sense of what the electric bikes are capable of in terms of battery capacity/distance in relation to the trail system, our next ride will take us even further into the heart of the network for an even grander adventure.

Mt Shasta Gateway Trail ride 4                 

So, if you’re ready for a change of scenery but don’t want to drive too far, the Gateway Trail system of Mt. Shasta deserves your consideration. Whether you’re looking to put your new electric bike or a traditional “acoustic” non-electric bike through its paces, this network of trails is guaranteed to satisfy. This is classic single track mountain bike riding at its best! Bill tells me that a milder trail that circumnavigates nearby Lake Siskiyou is another not-to-be-missed local option as well. I’ll be sure to explore that as soon as possible.

Here’s a link to a map of the Gateway Trail system. Enjoy planning your next off-road electric bike adventure!


Drastic Price Reduction on ODK Cargo Bike

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Juiced Riders has just announced a major price restructuring for the ODK U500 V3 Cargo Bike. This is in anticipation of a couple of battery size options that will be coming down the pipe sometime this summer.


For now, the good news is that the V3 is now priced at $2599. That’s a $600 drop from yesterday! Time to take another look at the ODK Cargo bike from Juiced Riders.

GenZe Electric Bikes are Made in India

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Its been about a year now that we’ve been in contact with the folks from Mahindra Group, the parent company for GenZe bikes. I’d be surprised if any of you know this; Mahindra in India is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. That’s no small feat! What that tells me is that we have a solid company with a proven track record of success. This is the most important item that I need to see in place whenever considering a new line of bikes. I’ve seen and listened to Anand Mahindra, the head of this mighty organization, and I’m confident that he and his team have my back regarding their products. In fact, they were ranked as the tenth most trusted brand name in all of India by The Brand Trust Report in 2014.  So, on to the bikes:

GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 1

GenZe offers two styles of electric bikes – the Sport and the Recreational. The Sport has a traditional top tube aluminum frame, a flat mountain bike style handlebar, a thinner, sportier saddle, and knobby tires. The Rec offers a step through frame, upright swept back handlebars, a larger cushier saddle, and road style tires. (The blue tires shown are optional) The bikes share similar motors, batteries, brakes, and 7-speed drive trains. Both manual throttle and 5 levels of pedal assist are present as are solid Shimano mechanical disc brakes.

                          GenXe e102 Rec electric bike 4  GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 4  GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 3 

These bikes are budget priced at $1599. At that price point they are a solid bargain. The basic design with the battery placement low and centered gives the bike a well balanced feeling. It also frees up the rear space for a luggage rack, baskets, and panniers. The motor is remarkably quiet and smooth; these folks know how to make a quality unit. The top speed comes up a bit shy of 20 mph and acceleration is moderate, but they’re both more than I’m used to getting from a 250 watt geared motor. The battery is lockable and easily removable from the frame. A steel center stand keeps things in order while loading and unloading the bike. The smaller motor and battery keep the weight to an enviable 46 lbs…. the lightest bikes in the shop.

GenXe e102 Rec electric bike 1

The warranty is 18 months on the complete bike and 24 months on the battery. The GenZe electric bikes from Mahindra are well designed, cleanly executed, and mightily worth their value pricing. Whether you keep yours in its no-frills condition or invest a bit more to complement it with lights, fenders, luggage options, etc., you’ll still have an admirable example of Indian technology at a great price. I’ve got high hopes for these newcomers. Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about!


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