GenZe Electric Bikes are Made in India

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Its been about a year now that we’ve been in contact with the folks from Mahindra Group, the parent company for GenZe bikes. I’d be surprised if any of you know this; Mahindra in India is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. That’s no small feat! What that tells me is that we have a solid company with a proven track record of success. This is the most important item that I need to see in place whenever considering a new line of bikes. I’ve seen and listened to Anand Mahindra, the head of this mighty organization, and I’m confident that he and his team have my back regarding their products. In fact, they were ranked as the tenth most trusted brand name in all of India by The Brand Trust Report in 2014.  So, on to the bikes:

GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 1

GenZe offers two styles of electric bikes – the Sport and the Recreational. The Sport has a traditional top tube aluminum frame, a flat mountain bike style handlebar, a thinner, sportier saddle, and knobby tires. The Rec offers a step through frame, upright swept back handlebars, a larger cushier saddle, and road style tires. (The blue tires shown are optional) The bikes share similar motors, batteries, brakes, and 7-speed drive trains. Both manual throttle and 5 levels of pedal assist are present as are solid Shimano mechanical disc brakes.

                          GenXe e102 Rec electric bike 4  GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 4  GenXe e101 Sport electric bike 3 

These bikes are budget priced at $1599. At that price point they are a solid bargain. The basic design with the battery placement low and centered gives the bike a well balanced feeling. It also frees up the rear space for a luggage rack, baskets, and panniers. The motor is remarkably quiet and smooth; these folks know how to make a quality unit. The top speed comes up a bit shy of 20 mph and acceleration is moderate, but they’re both more than I’m used to getting from a 250 watt geared motor. The battery is lockable and easily removable from the frame. A steel center stand keeps things in order while loading and unloading the bike. The smaller motor and battery keep the weight to an enviable 46 lbs…. the lightest bikes in the shop.

GenXe e102 Rec electric bike 1

The warranty is 18 months on the complete bike and 24 months on the battery. The GenZe electric bikes from Mahindra are well designed, cleanly executed, and mightily worth their value pricing. Whether you keep yours in its no-frills condition or invest a bit more to complement it with lights, fenders, luggage options, etc., you’ll still have an admirable example of Indian technology at a great price. I’ve got high hopes for these newcomers. Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about!


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