Here We Go Again

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Last year was a wild and heady ride here at the shop as we broke all previous records. Interest in all bikes in general and in electric bikes specifically has skyrocketed. The myriad benefits of biking are finally getting the attention they’ve deserved for so very long. We’re thrilled about it and, as the beginning of this year has shown us, 2021 will be another one for the record books. New inventory is rolling in weekly and should continue throughout the year with far less scarcity than I know many shops are experiencing. Different companies have different production models in place and I’m thankful that our brands are doing better than others.

This year’s bikes and accessories are all very exciting, the team here at the shop is the most solid ever, and I’ve personally discovered a renewed sense of enthusiasm for all things electric bike shop-related. It helps immensely to see the growing interest nationwide in electric bikes and their place in a new vision of transportation. Individuals, businesses, and municipalities are all climbing onto the saddle of this two-wheeled revolution. Thank goodness for that – at last.

Thirteen years ago when I had my first ebike experience, it was followed by an optimistic, epiphany-esque moment wherein I was sure that this “whole ebike thing” was going to explode any day now. I dove in heart first and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. So, it’s deeply satisfying, as we begin our 14th season here at AEB, to see more of the community/region/nation joining in the fun. In these times, uplifting stories are a well needed contrast to all the rest, and the rise of the bicycle as more than just a toy is a welcome newsworthy event.

We, of course, hope to see more of society reopening as the year unfolds. Specifics around all of that remain yet to be seen but, no doubt, are coming. In the meantime, it’s Now, we are Here, and the wheels will keep on turning. Thanks for all your participation – past, present and future!


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