New Prodecotech Models Have Arrived!

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Prodecotech has really stepped up their game with the addition of these new models to their product line. Better overall designs, bigger motors, bigger batteries, and hydraulic disc brakes place these two bikes – the Phantom XR and the Genesis R  – amongst bikes in the $3k range. However, they’ve managed to keep the price substantially lower than that with their business model of importing parts rather than complete bikes thereby saving a bundle on import taxes. They employ US workers in their Ft. Lauderdale facility and still deliver a lower-priced product.

Prodecotech Phantom XR electric bike 1

Prodecotech Genesis R electric bike 2

These bikes sport 600 watt geared motors for better hill climbing capabilities and 36V 14.25AH down tube mounted batteries for greater range and a well balanced feel to the bike itself. Avid hydraulic disc brakes are the perfect compliment to the greater power output of the bikes. With the battery mounted where it should be, the rear end is free to accept racks, baskets, and panniers, allowing either bike to do serious gear hauling, grocery shopping duty. At last Prodecotech is offering designs that can serve as bonafide car replacement solutions as well as simply fun-to-ride bikes. 

Prodecotech Phantom XR electric bike 4  Prodecotech Genesis R electric bike 4

These bikes are a real joy to experience. The feel is strong, crisp, and sporty. The only notable omission is a pedal assist feature; they’re manual throttle only. For many that’s not an issue at all. When you review the component package for these bikes, their price value becomes self-evident.  We expect to see these rolling out the door at a brisk pace. At only $2299 its easy to see why. Come see for yourself.


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