Bicycling Around Redding, California

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I’ve heard stories for years about the bike trails in and around Redding, CA. I finally got down there this month to explore and discover for myself what the area has to offer. I’m happy to report that it was well worth the drive (about 2.5 hours from Ashland). The centerpiece, as it were, for the myriad trails would be the Sundial Bridge. Its an architectural marvel that provides pedestrians and cyclists access to the north side of the Sacramento River.

                      Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 2                     Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 8

The bridge is located within the Turtle Bay Park and Museum complex. Adjoining it is the Civic Auditorium and Convention Center. I believe its Sheraton-Hilton that has plans to add yet another large facility next door. Its a wonderful place to check out and perhaps spend an entire day wandering, picnicing, visiting the museum, visitor center, and coffee shop. I enjoyed a hot drink and the wi-fi access as the sun set on the 2nd day of my visit.

                         Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 9         Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 7         Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 6

Running along both sides of the Sacramento River is a smooth paved trail that heads west and links up with a myriad of other paved and dirt trails. I stayed on the north shore of the river and continued along the paved route that took me all the way north to the Shasta Dam. My total ride round trip from the parking lot at the Diestelhorst Bridge ( just west of the Sundial Bridge) was 30+ miles.

Diestelhorst Bridge - Redding - California   Sacramento River Trail - Redding - California 1

It was a beautiful ride that alternated between following the river valley floor and climbing up onto the hillsides to enjoy huge vistas of the surrounding region. Occasionally I even caught a glimpse of the southern flanks of our neighbor, Mt. Shasta.

                   Shasta Lake, Redding, CA  Scramento River Trail Tunnel, Redding, CA 1  Shasta Dam, Redding, CA 3

Next time I’ll bring a trail bike and explore some of the many off-road opportunities along trails with names such as Westside, Salt Creek, Hornbeck, FB, and Buenaventura. The options seem virtually endless. The folks who live in and around Redding, CA are fortunate to have so much quality rural riding available just at the edge of town. The advent of electric bikes opens the door to these treasures even wider.

Bike Rack, Redding, CA

So, the next time you’re itching for a change of scenery or are looking for warmer temperatures than Ashland is serving up, consider a multi-day adventure just south of the border to Redding, California. The trails are ‘ready for you in Redding’ and they promise to satisfy!

Sundial Bridge - Redding - California 5



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