Reflections on the Future of the Past in the Now

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As winter continues here in southern Oregon I find my thoughts fast forwarding to the warmer brighter days ahead. Time at the bike show in San Diego some weeks back helped ramp up my summertime desire as well. I was able to secure some great new products and double down on our existing successful offerings. 2020 will be (and is already starting off to be) our greatest season yet.

The bikes and accessories are all very exciting, the team here at the shop is the most solid ever, and I’ve personally discovered a renewed sense of enthusiasm for all things electric bike shop-related. It helps immensely to see the growing interest nationwide in electric bikes and their place in a new vision of transportation. Individuals, businesses, and municipalities are all climbing onto the saddle of this two-wheeled revolution. Thank goodness for that – at last.

Twelve years ago when I had my first ebike experience, it was followed by a somewhat naive, certainly optimistic, epiphany-esque moment wherein I was sure that this “whole ebike thing” was going to explode any day now. I dove in heart first and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. So, it’s deeply satisfying, as we begin our 13th season here at AEB, to see more of the community/region/nation joining in the fun. In these times, uplifting stories are a well needed contrast to all the rest, and the rise of the bicycle as more than just a toy is a welcome newsworthy event.

So, you can expect more from us as we help support this forward motion of kinder gentler mobility. New bikes and support products, greater community involvement, OLLI classes, local school projects participation, electric bike tours; all of these and more are on the books or already in play. It feels good to finally be in line with the times (regardless of who got here first!). It’s Now, we are Here, and the wheels will keep on turning. Thanks for all your participation – past, present and future!


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