Stromer Electric Bikes Now Available!

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We’re very excited to have just secured a dealership with Stromer Electric Bikes – the finest that Switzerland has to offer the e-bike industry. One author has described the ST2 as the Rolex of electric bikes. We agree wholeheartedly.

black ST2


We haven’t received any of the bikes just yet; it’ll probably be a few more weeks before they roll in. However, they are available for sale immediately if you decide that its the bike for you and you’re ready to buy. Until then, check out this great review from someone in Austin, TX who lived with an ST2 for a month and gives his feedback:


white ST2 step thru

ST2 step thru


black ST1

ST1 Elitewhite ST1 step thru

ST1 Elite step thru


For more info about these premium bikes, go directly to the Stromer website and discover for yourself what the top of the line in e-bikes looks like:


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