“Ashland Electric Bikes went above and beyond for my business. They were all very approachable and really helpful in finding the right fit for a family E bike. Very friendly, enjoyable, and professional experience from the top down. They even went out of their way to help me get my bike home 6/5 Stars.” ~ W. Isham 

“Staff here are great, and I really enjoyed my new Rain Cape while walking two unruly dogs. Works far better than my rain jacket and I will be able to ride in the rain as well. Their commitment to sustainability is a refreshing change of pace from most of the Bike Shops that I have been in. Stop by and check out the beautiful artwork and Jewelry they are creating from used Bicycle parts!” ~ D. Callister

“As someone who has spent the last few years racking up about 8,000 miles on my ebike in the Rogue Valley, I really wish I had stopped in earlier. You can tell that the selection of bikes and bike commuter accessories is purposeful and made by someone who has a lot of personal experience and passion for bike commuting year-round in town. The owner is very honest about everything in the shop which is great because ebikes may feel like magic, but they are only 80% magic and knowing how the other 20% works is very important. I had my mother with me who had never ridden an ebike before and I can already tell that the honesty won her over and if she buys an ebike it’s going to have to be from here. As other people have already mentioned, this business is a shining example of how buying local can blow away any competition.”  ~ Brandon K

“The folks that manage AEB are the kind of people that make Ashland great. Very customer-focused and community minded. And with the products they specialize in, it’s foolish to buy online since there’s truly no real ‘savings,’ and the advice and expertise available here locally is actually priceless. The modern technology, especially the amazing advances with motors and batteries has revolutionized the electric bike industry. And consequently, there are potential pitfalls. The adage of buying the best you can afford for things you rely on every day certainly applies here, so don’t skimp. ‘Buy local’ and feel good about your investment, especially the reduced chance of making poor, ill-informed buying decisions if you attempt to navigate it all yourself alone.”  ~ J. Pease

“Samantha is great!!!!! Let’s keep her here.” ~ H. Hunter

“From the early stages of researching an e-bike, through the purchase and now ongoing maintenance, Samantha and her team at Ashland Electric Bikes have been top notch. We bought a Tern GSD from her which in itself is incredible because we were able to purchase one of the best cargo e-bikes in the world right here in Ashland, off the showroom floor! I am an avid mountain biker and do a lot of my own work on bikes. I have a decent sense of what makes a good shop (strong customer service skills in addition to skilled workmanship) and Ashland Electric Bikes is a really good shop. They’ll take care of you!” ~ B. Moreaux

“Took my new Lectric in to have it looked at which is recommended by the company. Great service and they definitely tuned it up and shifts really smooth now. Since I don’t work on bikes or know much about them- I really appreciate the thorough work they did. Thanks again Samantha and the team at Ashland Electric Bikes!” ~ O. Martucci

“We bought 2 bikes here. Great place. Very knowledgeable very helpful. Very honest. The owner, Samantha, is fantastic! 5 stars for sure! Everyone who works there gets 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. We’ll be going back there for all our bikes needs!!!” ~ W. Lac

“Great great service! Grandkids lost battery charger. Bike shop shipped same day I called and arrived two days later. And a wonderful packing job to boot.” Rudy

“My Partner just ordered a bike from Ashland Electric Bikes after hers got stolen. It was a long process as getting a new bike was unexpected and she LOVED her bike. Samantha, Nick, Alex and the gang were so patient, understanding, kind and helpful with the entire process. They are truly great, and made the process soooo much fun. If I could give more stars I would. Electric Bicycles are soooooo fun! If you are considering getting one you need to go to Ashland Electric Bikes! Thanks for everything!”  ~ M. Taylor