The Rogue Sherpa Returns!

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Rogue Sherpa electric trike 1

Due to repeated requests we’ve decided to resurrect the Rogue Sherpa electric trike. For folks who are balance challenged this is the solution for getting back on the road. This newest iteration sports a stronger motor, larger capacity battery pack, and a Sturmey-Archer 5 speed hub.

Rogue Sherpa electric trike front motor

The Rogue Sherpa rides on 20″ wheels. (A larger 24″ wheeled version is available as well.) The 350 watt motor, 36V12AH lithium battery combo delivers plenty of power for hills and big loads. A Promax front V-brake and rear coaster brake keep things under control. The front brake also has a handy ‘parking brake’ function.

Rogue Sherpa electric trike controller, battery, 5 speed

Older folks and anyone with physical disabilities that prevent them from managing a two-wheeled bicycle are the prime candidates for the Rogue Sherpa. Or, if you simply want a comfortable, easy to ride electric bike with a BIG basket, this would be a great choice. We build these bikes up one at a time here in Ashland, so place your order soon for summer delivery. Rogue Sherpa – $2199.

Rogue Sherpa electric trike 3


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