The Stealth Bikes Are Here!

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Both the Fighter and the Bomber have arrived and are here on the showroom floor, ready to change everything you think and know about electric bikes. My slogan for the business is “Ride the Future!” and these bikes are the embodiment of that statement. They deliver power and performance that leaves everyone who has taken a test ride grinning from ear-to-ear and feeling ‘the rush’ for days afterward.

Serious downhill mtn. bikers and motocross riders alike have reported that both bikes are fully capable of handling everything our Mt. Ashland trail riding scene dishes out. Or, if you simply want an incredibly strong accelerating bike that handles like a thoroughbred racing machine, these are for you. If you live at the end of a very long and steep route to your home and thought that an ebike would never be able to provide the power you need to get there, think again.  If you want a workhorse bike that can pull an insanely heavy load, here they are.

The Fighter is a surprisingly agile, easy to manuever ebike for its weight. The Schlumpf 2-speed crank arm system makes things very simple… low gear, high gear…take your pick. The 6 piston hydraulic brakes on both the Fighter and the Bomber are up to the task of slowing these bad boys down – fast. The suspension systems are well matched to the two different bikes and are fully tunable for a perfect ride. Word has it that the White Brothers Groove 200 fork upgrade is money well spent.

The Bomber. Ah yes, the Bomber. Sales of it are outpacing the Fighter by a wide margin and now I know why. As incredible as the Fighter is, the Bomber takes things up a BIG notch on every front. It delivers more power and unbelievable acceleration(you best be holding on with a firm grip when you twist the throttle on this rig). Its Suntour 9-speed sequential Vboxx transmission  gives absolute control at the pedals in all situations. It provides a greater range per charge than the Fighter making longer rides possible. The stock suspension is proportionately beefier (think motocross level) and again, the White Brothers upgrade adds even more finesse to the equation. As much as I like the nimbleness of the Fighter, the increased performance that comes with the additional 26 lbs. of the Bomber is well worth it.

For years I’ve been fielding calls from folks who live at the uppermost reaches of the Ashland area, asking if my bikes will get them home. The answer has always included a series of questions back at the caller concerning their strength, weight, willingness to pedal, etc. Now the answer is a simple, Yes! Wherever your commute, your play, or your work takes you, if you’d like to get there quickly, quietly, and cleanly with power to spare, the ‘boys from down under’ will do it.

The Fighter and the Bomber from Stealth Electric Bikes have taken their place at the top of the production ebike list. Come see what they’re all about. They’re selling as fast as we can make them so don’t dally too long if you’re serious.


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