The Wind Runner Returns!

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For those of you who have been following us here at Ashland Electric Bikes, the Wind Runner was the flagship urban e-bike of the line for the past few years. They were built on a classic bicycle frame that was available in very limited quantities. I thought my source had disappeared, but it turns out that I have access to a few more of these bikes after all! So, once again I can offer this incredible e-bike to a discerning few customers.

These bikes include my best quality 400 watt geared motor and a host of quality components and accessories. These two are available with either a 36 volt or a 48 volt LiFePo4 battery system. These batteries are rated for double the lifespan of all the other production bike batteries I offer in the shop. At 36 volts it matches the power and speed of its closest comparable bike – the Pathfinder ST – with the addition of a much more sport performance oriented platform. At 48 volts it becomes an urban-rocket-ship-on-two-wheels that surpasses all the other on-road bikes in terms of power and speed.

If you’re looking for a nimble, quick responding ride that matches the performance characteristics of a high priced mountain bike but is outfitted to conquer the urban environment instead, this may be the bike for you!


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