Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike is a Must See!

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Here’s how they roll in Amsterdam these days. The Family from Urban Arrow is an incredibly capable people/gear hauler that redefines the cargo bike experience – literally.


Its front loading design allows you to keep a watchful eye on the kiddos as you motor down the road. The new performance series mid drive motor system from Bosch assures that heavy loads or hills won’t keep you from your destination. Hydraulic disc brakes, a NuVinci infinitely variable speed rear hub, full lighting, adjustable handlebar stem, and a huge center stand all add to the bike’s exemplary performance.


The Family is one of the new breed of higher end quality ebikes that are fully intended to serve as a car replacement on a daily basis now and for years to come. If you’re serious about ebiking and you want substantial kid or gear hauling capabilities from a top notch European brand product, come experience the Urban Arrow Family. I promise you’ll be impressed! $5999.

                Urban-Arrow-Family-electric-bike---white-3                        Urban-Arrow-Family-electric-bike---black-5


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