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Summer has finally arrived in full form here in Ashland, OR.  We’re busy here at Ashland Electric Bikes fielding phone calls,  scheduling test rides, and helping folks join the growing ranks of happy ebike owners. A group of us had great fun riding in yesterday’s 4th of July parade. My friend and highly trained yoga practitioner, Benjamin Grunde wowed the crowd with some snazzy e-trike moves that I would NOT recommend most folks to try at home! It was a great opportunity to spread the word, show off the bikes, and give folks a chance to see the ease of ebike travel.

ashland electric bikes 4th of July parade 2I’m excited to launch this new blog feature of the website; its an opportunity for me to address the many topics surrounding ebikes as well as answer the many questions that you have as potential riders. Its time for us all to step up in greater ways as we navigate the environmental and social challenges of the times. The ongoing oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico underscores this need. Thanks for your interest in our products and efforts here at Ashland Electric Bikes. Make a choice and become part of the solution.


My husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike. Jerry was very knowledgeable, helping us pick the one that would work best for his needs.... Read More


Ashland Electric Bikes is located at 1678 Ashland St. in Ashland. Get directions.