What is Essential is to Be of Service

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When our governor announced the shelter-in-place/business closures a few months back it was quite the game-changer for everybody on every conceivable front. For us here at Ashland Electric Bikes it was warmly validating to see bike shops designated as essential service providers. It was an affirmation of what I’ve been promoting for 13+ years now – that bikes are a legitimate transportation alternative for many in these changing times. So, although the wheels, as they say, are threatening to come off the economy, we are doing our part to keep the bicycle variety rolling.

In fact, globally, the sales of all types of bicycles is exploding. For many, it’s a way to avoid the crowded conditions of public transportation in big cities. For others, especially in our region, it’s a way to get outside, get fresh air and exercise, and help cultivate a greater level of sanity in these challenging times. Couples and families are enjoying outdoor quality time together in ways that they never seemed to be able to find the time for before. Who could have ever imagined that a global health crisis is what it would take for people everywhere to slow down to a bicycle’s pace way of being and moving. To that, I say wholeheartedly, “Welcome to my world!”

So, as we have more and more conversations about the way forward after this global pause, I hope the majority desire is to retain a degree of this current slower pace as well as the renewed appreciation of the many people who keep the flow of essential goods and services going. There’s newfound respect (it’s been a long time coming) for what’s truly important in life and for those who really, daily, tangibly make it happen. Let us all find more ways to be of greater service to our fellow brothers and sisters under the sun. That’s the wheel-of-life on which I choose to ride.


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