Where Do We Go From Here?

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Based on the 1st quarter of this year 2021 is going to be another one for the record books here at the shop. It is such a delight to see bicycles finally getting their due in the US. Too bad it took a global crisis for it to happen. Nevertheless, scores of new people are embracing bicycling and that’s a global win-win! The story told by so many as to their decision to get onto two wheels, in many cases, has gone something like this: Initially there was fear of falling prey to the coronavirus due to an honest assessment of one’s personal state of health or lack thereof. It’s clear that the least healthy among us have been the most at risk. That state of fear was crippling for so many in countless ways.

Thankfully, the next step was the process of catalyzing the fear, which can far too easily become more deadly than the virus itself, into an affirmative action plan with increased health and overall well being at its core. Enter the time proven benefits of bicycling. Not only does biking positively impact your physical fitness at every level but it also has been a godsend in balancing the myriad other psycho/mental/emotional challenges that lock downs, loss of social activities, isolation, etc. have heaped upon the masses. There has, it seems, been a shocking lack of humanness in our collective strategies to “save humanity”. That comment, and the ensuing conversations around it, will keep us engaged in lively debate for quite some time to come. No doubt about it.

Newcomers have embraced biking and now all the expected advantages of that decision are being felt by so many. The groundswell of interest is gaining momentum by the day and the people continue to feel better.

So, now that an end to this crisis is at least beginning to be discussed, how will we proceed? My musings tend, as they always do, to the general more than the specific. I hope to see more emphasis placed on our personal sovereignty and innate sensibilities to ascertain what is the best path for us to follow. The rampant surrender to the word of external authority figures and groups, all of which ultimately lean in favor of their own agendas, is a dangerous direction to pursue. A return to greater personal agency and responsibility is needed now more than ever. The inherent wisdom within each of us that can recognize what is life-affirming and what is not needs to return to the center of all our choices, big and small.


These are the days of dangerous opportunity. May we choose well. Breathe deeply, smile often, and keep on riding!


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