Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bikes – King of the Road!

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There is a method to my madness here at Ashland Electric Bikes, and topping off the list of goals is the following: to source the highest quality, highest value-per-dollar, most functional electric bikes available. I don’t see ebikes as high priced toys for the well-heeled members of society. I view them as a major component of the new emerging alternative transportation landscape that is growing globally everyday. What makes an ebike successful when considered in this model?

Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bike-black 2

First, it must be well built with quality components. Second, it should deliver ample power in order for it to truly stand as an alternate choice to jumping in the car to run whatever errand you have. Third, but just as important as #1 and 2, it must be able to haul your stuff. Lots of stuff! We are a highly mobile society and we have a lot of things that need to be moved from point A to B on a daily basis. Whether its small children or large bags, boxes, equipment, etc., we need to take it with us. The Yuba Mundo is designed precisely with that in mind.

Yuba parade serious hauling capacity

The Mundo has the largest, yet also one of the lightest frames available in the cargo bike world. Their choice of partnering with Bionx for the electric drivetrain means that you get one of the most successful, proven motor/battery systems in the world.

Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bike display console

Yuba Mundo Bionx battery

 Now that Bionx has bumped their system up to 48 volts it is truly a high performance affair. The smoothness of their pedal assist feature is beyond all others that I’ve ridden. The motor power delivery is seamlessly matched to your pedaling effort which translates into an almost ‘invisible’ power assist. Want even more? Press the boost button for a surge of power that is unmistakable. With a claimed 25-50 mile range per charge this bike should handle all your daily needs.

Yuba Mundo w-two kids on backThe basic bike as it comes is a very comprehensive package. It sports disc brakes, 21 speeds, full fenders, a massive center stand, and rear wheelskirts for the back passenger’s safety.

Yuba Mundo Go Getter bags Numerous accessories are available to enhance its passenger and cargo carrying capabilities. A fully equipped Mundo is the ebike equivalent of a family mini-van, to be sure.


Initial testing has shown the Mundo to be a surpisingly well-mannered, easy to ride, comfortable ebike that possesses ample power for our southern Oregon region. We expect you’ll be seeing more and more of these rigs plying the streets of Ashland carrying kids, pets, and gear of all shapes and sizes. Its a can-do bike that fully embodies the idea of clean, quiet transportation…now and into the future.



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