About Us

Samantha brings her passions for the outdoors, sustainable living, and helping others live a more healthy and happy life to Ashland Electric Bikes. She and her knowledgeable team are committed to a cleaner, healthier world for everyone on the planet and generations to come. Samantha sees electric bikes playing a vital part in the collective vision to minimize our carbon footprints by becoming one – or even zero – car households. She makes sure that her business leads by example  by offering more eco-friendly gear and accessory options. She also works to minimize her shops environmental footprint with many waste reduction practices. (See our sustainability page for more information).

Samantha and her team also understand that electric bikes can be life changing in other ways. They can help grandparents enjoy time with their children and grand children on biking adventures. They can give cancer survivors the extra energy needed to tackle those hills as they rebuild their strength. They can create bonding experiences between children and parents as the commute around our beautiful valley on cargo bikes. They can help people with their weight loss and health journeys. They can help families an individuals reduce their gas budgets to put towards things they need or want. They can just be a healthy way for couples, families, and friends to connect and have more fun. That’s why they offer the widest range of options here in  the Rogue Valley.

Ashland Electric Bikes goal is to offer high quality electric bikes that provide excellent performance and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our bikes are designed and built to last year after year. We have a wide range of makes and models to fit different budgets, types of riding, shapes and sizes of our customers. Cruiser bikes, road bikes, mountain, folding bikes, cargo bikes, fat tire bikes, folding bikes and more! If you happen to be a shorter rider, and have had a hard time finding an e-bike that fits, then look no further we have just the bike for you.

Ashland Electric Bikes also believes that everyone deserves to have service for their electric bikes, so they work on the electrical systems of many brands that they don’t sell in their store. If they don’t have a bike in their store that fits your needs they’ll try to help you find another brand that does.

With so many different types of bikes, different motor types/sizes, and PAS sensor systems we understand that it can get confusing and complicated. Our helpful and friendly staff are here to help an answer your questions and help you find the perfect bike for you. So stop by, try one out for yourself, and “Experience The Fun Again”!